The Wakefield Estate

Our story begins in 1896 when the adventurous James and Eva Wakefield sailed around the treacherous Cape Horn from England. They arrived in tropical Hawaii on the sailing vessel SS Australia, where they started their family and business, never looking back. Five generations later you will find our family tending our farm on the fertile slopes of Hualalai.

Located on the active volcano at 1,500 foot elevation, we grow, many say, the finest coffee in the world.

Our coffee is hand picked, small batch roasted, and packed to order.

The Wakefield Family proudly offers our premium homegrown 100% Kona Coffee to you. Enjoy!


Brooks & Bill

Brooks and Bill with their boxers.

Coffee blooming in spring.

Coffee Planting.

Chipping pruned coffee branches.

Our basket full of coffee cherry.


Wet milling and pulping.

Brooks sun drying coffee.

Roasting coffee.

Majestic Kona sunset.

"Wake up with Wakefield Coffee" 
We Love Kona Coffee
Wakefield Coffee & Tea LLC